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Seminars & Presentations

With her lengthy professional journey in the field of mind-body therapy, holistic health, behavioral health and counseling, coupled with her love of teaching, Suzanne offers a menu of presentations on health & wellness. An accomplished speaker for nearly 30 years, she develops presentations that are engaging, relational and relevant to the needs and desires of individuals and systems. Presentations are available for professional and business venues, and can be adapted to meet your organizations' needs.

Presentation Descriptions

Health, A Matter of Choice: Are You Moving Towards Illness or Towards Optimal Health

Every moment of our existence we are making a choice about our health. Whether we know it or not, we are either staying static with our health, moving towards illness and disease or moving towards optimal well-being. In this seminar you will learn where you are living on the spectrum of wellness, and principles and practices to support you moving forward towards optimal health. Dr. Nixon will introduce her unique model, "The Spectrum of Wellness" to help you in understand your current health status.

Mind/Body Strengthening for People with Chronic Lyme Disease

Our bodies can be host to myriad illnesses and diseases. How can we strengthen our mind/body connection to remain hopeful so we can clear a pathway to healing? For those who suffer from Lyme or another tick-borne infection, modern day science validates what ancient healing philosophies have practiced for centuries: We have the power to influence our health and well-being when we consciously connect our minds with our bodies. Dr. Nixon will provide a foundation for the mind-body connection & the somatic experience of knowing self through mind/body practices. You will learn the foundational practices for integrating the wisdom of mind and body so as to cultivate an inner landscape that enhances healing and promotes health.

Offered as a 60 or 90 minute presentation

Prioritizing Your Family: Getting Clear and Creating a Healthy, Balanced Family Life

Most people want to have a strong, healthy and loving family. They want to live the values that are important to them and experience worth and happiness as individual members and experience mutual respect and happiness as a family. How do families make that happen, especially given the demands of work and daily life? It begins with a process of definition, meaning getting clear about your family values, needs, desires and overall "family vision", and then, putting it into action. In this didactic and experiential seminar you will the principles of creating and living a healthy family life, and engage in a process to help you make it happen.

Health Empowerment: Creating a Personal Wellness Plan for Life-Long Health

There are times when we sit down with ourselves and have a heart to heart talk about our health. We want to feel better, have more energy, be stronger, look better, or yet again fit into our clothes hanging on the other side of the closet. We may feel a surge of motivation and engage in "good health behaviors" for a few days or a week, and then something happens and we begin to falter. In this presentation you will complete a self-health assessment, learn a comprehensive wellness model, identify your wellness goals and clarify specific behaviors on how to successfully reach your goals.

This is offered as a 90 minute presentation, a half day and full day workshop.

Lifestyle Wellness Programs: The New Trend in Healthcare

While many people want to better their health and feel well, they are often challenged to make it happen. Fad diets and the latest exercise trends rise and fall, and do not significantly contribute to a greater sense of personal well-being or the ability to sustain a healthy lifestyle. When we begin to adopt healthy behaviors, often the competing demands of our work, relationships and daily life tasks, sabotage our best efforts to remain on track.

Lifestyle Wellness Programs, often coined the "New Treatment in Healthcare", are immersion wellness experiences. Individuals learn by participating in structured, comprehensive wellness programs comprised of sound Whole Health principles and practices. Learn more about the components, operations and value of these programs in this seminar.

This is offered as a 60 or 90 minute presentation.

The Wheel of Health: Foundations and Practices for Healthy Living

A Whole Health model emphasizes the many aspects of our life that contribute to our well-being. Duke University's Integrative Medicine Center mapped these aspects and it is referred to as the Wheel of Health. In this presentation, you will learn about the Wheel of Health and apply these concepts to your "overall health life". The intent is to help you gain insight about your current health situation, clarify health desires and objectives and set attainable goals for success.

This is offered as a 90 minute or full day presentation.

Managing Stress and Creating Greater Health with Mind/Body Practices

In the past two decades, research reports that the levels of stress in every demographic age group in our society have significantly increased. Stress related problems and illnesses are now the primary reason why individuals are absent from work and visit their primary care physician. Understanding and learning how to manage stress are the most frequent recommendations given by medical experts for improving one's health and short/long term quality of life. Modern medicine is turning to mind-body therapies as a way to help individuals reduce stress, improve health, and create a balanced lifestyle. In this presentation, you will learn principles and practices in mind-body therapies for managing and reducing stress as well as for improving overall health.

This is offered as a 60 and 90 minute presentation.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine: Is It Right for Me?

The phrase "Complimentary & Alternative Medicine" or "Integrative Medicine" can be seen on magazine covers displayed in your local grocery store, on internet pop up advertisements or as "like" pages on Facebook, and in medical journals. In this seminar you will learn about Complimentary & Alternative Medicine, how it is different from conventional or allopathic medicine, and how it can be helpful in remedying and treating an array of alignments and disease states. You will gain clarity on whether or not it can be helpful for you and your personal health concerns.

This is offered as a 60 or 90 minute presentation.

Taming the Jack Russell in You: Meditation Skills for the Busy, Overactive & Anxious

Mention meditation to a "beginner" and you will usually hear, "I can't meditate." "I can't even sit still for 5 minutes!" For those individuals who tend to have a highly charged personality or "active" behaviors that are challenging to manage, learning to meditate can be very frustrating.

Learning how to "manage your energy", such as anxious, fidgety and restless energy is the first step to learning how to meditate. In this presentation you will learn how to discharge overactive energy, reset your center and create calm within...the initial gateway to learning meditation.

This seminar is a 60 minute presentation.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries for a Healthy Self and Healthy Relationships

Boundaries define space, set limits, and protect us from that which is unsafe or unwanted. In our personal and relational life learning how to set internal and external boundaries is essential. They help us define who we are, support sound physical and mental well-being, and help us establish healthy, functional relationships. In this seminar, you will learn what healthy and unhealthy boundaries are in your communication and behaviors, how to set them in both your personal and professional relationships, and understand the benefits of living from a place of functional, healthy boundaries.

The Mind-Body Connection: Mind-Body Practices & Skills to Enhance Health & Healing

Science has now validated what ancient healing philosophies have known and practiced for centuries: We have the power to influence our health and well-being when we consciously connect our minds with our bodies. In this experiential seminar, you will learn the foundational practices for integrating the wisdom of mind and body as to cultivate an inner landscape that promotes health and enhances healing. Practices include: mindfulness, meditation & breath, visualization & guided imagery, positive thinking & affirmation and energy management.

This is offered as a 2 or 3 hour presentation and a full day seminar.