Who We Are

The Professionals at the Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center are expertly trained in counseling, psychotherapy, relationship therapy, mindfulness and the mind-body connection.

Our Integrative Behavioral Approach distinguishes us from others for we offer a comprehensive platform of therapeutic and wellness services to meet your unique needs and goals. We believe a holistic approach based on Western psychological theories in counseling, Eastern philosophies of health and Mindfulness principles, are the foundational pillars for helping you attain personal healing and whole health. By cultivating an internal state of centeredness and well-being, you enhance your capacity and ability to cultivate healthy and meaningful relationships with others.

We look forward to meeting and connecting with you, and serving as a foundational support system in your journey towards greater health, happiness and a meaningful life.

Recent News

With her expertise in understanding how our biology affects our psychology, Suzanne Nixon has acquired the ability to listen deeply and ask the leading questions that help her clients discover the true nature of their discomforts and symptoms. Read her client's story in the Spring 2014 issue of Posh Seven: Diagnosing Chronic Lyme Disease.

"Without Dr. Nixon, her condition would have continued to worsen and could have eventually left her disabled and without a job." Read more from Jaclyn O'Brien about her battle with Lyme disease. www.helpmylyme.com