Recent News

With her expertise in understanding how our biology affects our psychology, Suzanne Nixon has acquired the ability to listen deeply and ask the leading questions that lead to her clients discovery of the true nature of their discomforts and symptoms. Read her client's story in the Spring 2014 issue of Posh Seven: Diagnosing Chronic Lyme Disease.

Who We Are

We specialize in offering an integrative behavioral approach to psychological, emotional and relational well-being. We believe accurately understanding and successfully helping you with your individual and relationship issues, is more likely to occur from a Whole Health perspective.

Now doing business as the Northern Virginia Integrative Therapy Center, our professionals are expertly trained in counseling, relationship therapy, the mind-body connection and integrative methods of treatment and care. Our new platform of therapeutic, wellness services has expanded as to meet your unique needs and goals.

Groups and Seminars

We are pleased to announce new group sessions for 2014. Visit our Therapeutic and Wellness Groups page for more information and to download flyers.

Therapeutic and Wellness Groups
  • "Writing to Reduce Anxiety" with Sue McCollum
  • "When Words Heal: A Bereavement Support Group" with Sue McCollum
  • "Mind/Body Strengthening for People with Lymes" with Suzanne Nixon
  • "Restorative Yoga" with Kim Weidman
  • "Sensitive Yoga for Trauma Related Experiences" with Kim Weidman
Special Lectures
  • "Mind/Body Strengthening for People with Lymes" with Suzanne Nixon
  • "Writing for Health & Healing" with Sue McCollum
Therapy Groups
  • "Healing from Co-dependency" with Suzanne Nixon
  • "!TeenBeat!" : A Group for Teenage Girls with Kim Weidman